Prop Articles

ZPM Prop Replica

Authentic ZPM Prop Replica

The first screen accurate replica of the Zero Point Module from Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Identical to the original prop, and beautifully lit with vibrant LEDs.

Stargate P90 Green Laser Sight

P90 Laser Sight

Because sometimes you just can't hit a moving Jaffa unless you mount a laser sight onto your P90. Equip yourself with the same exact model laser used on Stargate SG1, and not only will you be ready... READ MORE

Ribbon Device from Stargate SG-1

Overview of the Ribbon Device Prop

The Goa'uld Ribbon Device, or Kara Kesh in Goa'uld, is one of the most recognizable props from Stargate SG-1. This comprehensive article studies each of the original studio props, and breaks down the... READ MORE

G.D.O. Prop Replica With Rechargable Battery

How To Recharge Your G.D.O.

Charging your screen accurate G.D.O. prop replica has never been easier thanks to an internal lithium battery, and handy USB port. Now you can keep your G.D.O. working at all times, and never have to... READ MORE

Working Zat Gun From Stargate SG1

Working Zat Gun Replica

The SG1Props Zat Gun is the first fan made fully functional Zat Gun prop replica. The prop opens, closes and fires at the touch of a trigger. Requiring hundreds of hours of research and development,... READ MORE

Stargate Ancient Long Range Communication Stone

Ancient Communication Stone Prop Overview

The Ancient Communication Stone, also known as a Long-range communication stone, is a handheld resin prop designed to simulate the appearance of a polished stone. Several of these stones were created... READ MORE

Stargate GDO Prop

G.D.O. Prop Replica

A screen accurate replica of the G.D.O. cast from the original studio molds. Fully functional with internal lights just like the original hero prop. Every component has been painstakingly matched up... READ MORE

Stargate G.D.O. Prop

About The G.D.O. Prop

The G.D.O. prop was used throughout Stargate SG-1 by many of the show's characters. Every offworld team member was issued a G.D.O. to ensure that they could return through the gate. The props... READ MORE

Stargate Naquadah Generator Mk I

Naquadah Generator Hero Prop

Overview of the Naquadah Generator Mk I hero prop from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. Working prop features moving parts, full lighting effects and an fast lights mode to simulate the reactor... READ MORE

Ribbon Device Rings and Finger Caps

Sculpting The Ribbon Device (Part 1)

Sculpting the Goa'uld Kara Kesh was no small feat with 14 individual pieces needing to be created. This prop has many unique challenges such as hollow pieces and flat sections which need to be bent.... READ MORE