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Sculpting the Kull Warrior disruptor

Sculpting the Kull Killer

From the episode Death Knell comes the Tok'ra Kull Warrior disruptor. Although SG1Props never released this sculpt, we are writing about it so that you can see how we set out to reproduce this... READ MORE

Stargate MP5 Replica

CYMA CM.023 Airsoft MP5A5

With many low cost airsoft MP5s to choose from, a good candidate for a Stargate replica should include a specific configuration. The CYMA CM.023 airsoft gun meets these base requirements, and is an... READ MORE

Stargate MP5 Scope

MP5 Scope

The MP5 was the weapon of choice for the first 3 full seasons of Stargate SG-1, along with parts of season 4 and subsequent appearances. If you want to build a replica MP5 for your costume then you... READ MORE

Stargate MP5 Scope

MP5 Scope Modification Guide

On the show Stargate SG-1, MP5's are issued to offworld personnel with an assortment of tactical accessories. Most distinguishable is the AR-15 carry handle scope. This scope was designed to be... READ MORE

Functioning P90 Prop Replica

Build a Functioning P90 Replica

Many people have asked how to use the SG1Props P90 upper receiver replacement kit, but keep their LPEG P90 as a working airsoft gun. In the past this has been difficult to do, but with the latest... READ MORE

Prop Replica P90 Trademarks

Add P90 Trademarks to your LPEG P90

You may wish to include custom P90 trademarks on your replica P90 to make it appear more authentic. The trademarks attach to the airsoft shell (the lower receiver).

P90 Replica Magazine

Modify your LPEG P90 to use Tokyo Marui magazines

This tutorial will instruct you on how to modify the LPEG P90 so that it will accept Tokyo Marui magazines. You may follow this tutorial at any stage in your P90 modification. Thus you can do this if... READ MORE

SG1Props Stargate P90 Replica

Modding the LPEG P90 (Part 3)

Now that your donor LPEG P90 airsoft gun has been prepared for upgrade, it is time to install your new SG1Props receiver, and finish your Stargate SG-1 (or Atlantis!) prop.

SG1Props Stargate P90 Replica

Airsoft P90 Replicas

Build your own replica P90 from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. The SG1Props P90 kit includes everything you need to convert a low-end tri-rail P90 airsoft gun into the screen accurate P90... READ MORE

Build Your Own Stargate SG1 Replica P90

Modding the LPEG P90 (Part 2)

Converting your low end P90 into a screen accurate Stargate prop can be done with some modifications and the SG1Props P90 kit. This tutorial will cover the steps necessary to complete the... READ MORE