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SG1Props Stargate P90 Replica

Modding the LPEG P90 (Part 1)

This tutorial will take you through preparing an LPEG P90 airsoft gun for conversion into a standard model P90. This involves cutting off the current Tri-Rail upper receiver, and replacing it with... READ MORE

Airsoft P90 Magazines

Replica P90 Magazines

A weapon is only as useful as the ammunition it carries, and a P90 can't carry much without a magazine. To make your replica P90 look serious you will need a realistic looking magazine. But which one... READ MORE

Stargate SG-1 2010 Earth Aschen Alliance

Earth Aschen Alliance card

This prop was used in the episode 2010 by Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson. The card was used to access restricted areas of the Earth Aschen Alliance facilities. Several of these props were made by... READ MORE

KWC M92FS Beretta

No SG team uniform is complete without an M9 Beretta sidearm, and luckily for the value minded costumer there are plenty of inexpensive options on the replica market. In this article I will go over... READ MORE