After the incursion by Apophis' Jaffa in Children Of The Gods, the Stargate Command upgraded the Stargate with a protective iris to prevent matter from rematerializing through the gate without permission. Obviously this would pose a problem for offworld SG team members, and so the SGC issued the G.D.O. remote code transmitter to each member. This Garage Door Opener would allow SGC personnel to enter a passcode to request the gate be opened, and for both the transmission of that code to the SGC and also the receiving of a confirmation message.

The prop itself measures 7 1/2 inches long (190.8mm), by 2 inches wide (50.8mm), and 1 inch in depth (25.4mm). At least two hero props were made for the show. Those props were made from a machined aluminum shell, a rubber backed plastic bottom, and a metal end cap. There was a 9 rubber keypad with numbers 1 - 9 stenciled over the top of the buttons. The LCD screen of the hero prop was simulated, and had a permanent message printed on it. Both the screen and the keypad were backlit with electrolumenescent sheeting, powered by a small internal battery. The on/off switch was located on the bottom of the prop along with a faux data port.

Most of the other G.D.O.s created for the series are considered stunt props as they were cast in rubber and did not include many of the enhanced features of the hero prop. There were several versions of the stunt G.D.O., including some which were solid rubber while other versions were foam filled resin shells. Some of the stunt versions lacked the black end cap, while others included it. The stunt version however did not feature the embedded switch and data port on the end cap, and also lacked numbers on the keypad. The stunt versions based off of a mold of the original hero prop, so the proportions are the same as on the original prop.

Both the hero and stunt version contained embedded metal rods on both sides of the prop, with elastic straps which secured it to the actor with hook and loop material.

The first production made G.D.O. was auctioned off by Legends Memorabilia in December of 2004. In November of 2008 a hero G.D.O. with lights was sold by Stargate Legacy for $890.00. Other production made G.D.O.s have also been sold.


Hero prop from Legends auction
Using the G.D.O. to transmit a code
Worn outside of the space suits.
G.D.O.s were a part of the standard offworld gear
Orientation of G.D.O. on forearm
Worn below the jacket
Early photo of the hero G.D.O. released by MGM

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