First appearing in season 8's Citizen Joe, the Ancient long-range communication stone is a device capable of connecting two people over a great distance. The prop returned in season 9's Avalon Part 2 where it was explained that the stone had greater potential when paired with a long range communication device. In Stargate Atlantis the stone was also used in a limited capacity in season 5's Identity. It wasn't until the spinoff series Stargate Universe that the stone became a major part of the Stargate story line.

In Stargate Universe, the Icarus Base was equipped with a collection of 5 communication stones along with a Earth-made long range communication device. After becoming stranded on the Destiny, the Icarus personnel used the stones extensively to communicate with Homeworld Command on Earth. The stones appeared throughout both seasons of SG:U, and played a prominent role in the story.

Prop Details

The prop itself is a triangular shaped piece, with rounded edges on all sides. Made from solid reson, the prop feels substantial despite it's small size of just 2.5" in length. It is adorned on the sides with characters from the Ancient alphabet, and also features the same along the top. The top also includes several Ancient patterns and two deep grooves which extend from the front to the rear of the prop.

The color of the prop varies depending on the show, and changed from SG1/SG1 to SGU. In SG1 the prop was a darker color, almost black in indirect lighting, changing to a dark blue under direct lighting. In Stargate Universe the color was changes to a ligher bluish purple.

The Replica

We were able to use a mold of one of the original stones to create a perfectly accurate replica. The SG1Props replica includes all of the surface details of the original stone since it is a direct copy of one of the original props. The paint scheme has been carefully matched to the SG1 original, and as such appears dark from a distance, but reflects bluish purple when exposed to the appropriate light source.


Stargate Ancient Communication Stone
Stargate Ancient Long Range Communication Stones
Long Range Communication Stones with Box
Stargate Communication Stones
Long Range Communication Stone
Ancient Communication Stones
New brighter paint variant of the ancient stone.
New brighter paint variant of the ancient stone.
New brighter paint variant of the ancient stone.

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