The Zero Point Module was first introduced in Stargate SG1, and became a critical component to the story of Stargate Atlantis. As an energy source of immense power, the ZPM was first used connect the Milky Way Stargate to Atlantis base in the Pegasus galaxy. Once the Atlantis expedition reached the ancient city they quickly realized that they needed to find another ZPM (or Zed PM as McKay says) in order to survive.

The prop itself was made by the Stargate prop department using clear resins and colored tints to achieve the beautiful crystal effects. Practical effects included internal lighting to illuminate the prop. A hum was added in post production. A small number of ZPM props that were made by production survived filming, with at least two variations ultimately being sold at auction.

Replica ZPM Props

Within the fan community there have been many fan made ZPM replicas, however they all suffered inaccuracies which prevented the discerning collector from considering them suitable as collectors items. Whether they were too small or had inaccurate crystals, the replicas made to-date have all failed to excite collectors.

SG1Props is proud to have one of these original screen used ZPMs in our collection. We have used that original prop in order to create the first ever screen accurate replica of this fan-favorite prop. Starting from a diret mold made of the original prop, we then carefully remastered the prop. Every detail was perfected over 80+ hours of remastering by our artists.

Fans can finally own an accurate replica of this beautiful prop.


zpm prop

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