Tau'ri Power

The Naquadah Generator is a pivotal piece of technology in the Stargate properties. In one form or another Naquadah generators provide the Tau'ri with a potent source of energy to power their ships and technology. No further proof of the importance of this tech is required than the fact that it made the transition from Stargate SG1 to Stargate Altantis. Of the many versions of Naquadah reactors used in the shows, the Naquadah Generator Mark 1 stands out as the primary reactor used throughout the shows.

Naquadah Generator Mk I hero prop

A total of three Naquadah Generator Mk I props were made by the Stargate prop department, and all of them were hero props, having been used in scenes with principal cast members. Also, all three were functional props, with no static Mk I generator props having been made. The prop features all of the lighting effects seen on the show. This prop was designed to be fully functional on screen with very little visual effects added in post production. The exception is sound effects, which were all added in post production (as is the case with most props).

The prop was engineered very well. Many of the original parts were metal, and an impressive number of screws and other fasteners are used throughout. This design makes the prop very sturdy, and weighty. The electronics in the prop are highly sophisticated, with many high end components being used to provide the special effects shown on screen.

Illumination is provided by an assortment of internal LEDs in various colors to show the different states of operation on the prop. The prop is activated by an internal sensor which detects when the reactor core chamber has been opened. In this ready state the indicator lights on the top light up to show that the device is being charged. The sequence advances when the chamber is rotated, showing that it is primed and ready. Once the Naquadah chamber is reinserted the generator powers up. The hero props were remote controlled, which allowed the crew to cycle through various special light sequence such as overload, and change other settings on the prop.

In addition to the moving Naquadah core, various other parts of the prop are functional. The prop has both an open and closed position. The design intent of the producers as evidenced by the original concept art was that the the prop would only be open when the generator was active.

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Closed and in it's storage position
Reactor ends extended to full width
With the prop off
Reactor core raised to it's ready state
Reactor core ready to be reinserted
The "on" position

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