Note about trademarks

Trademarks are not currently shipped with the SG1Props P90 kit due to the mold for the trademarks being re-tooled.

Etchin' for hours

Part of what makes prop building such a rewarding hobby are the small details that can be added to a replica to make it that little bit more realistic. Indeed us prop builders are sometimes so meticulous that we'll spend hours using reference photos and a set of punches to faithfully reproduce something like a set of trademarks. This is exactly why every SG1Props P90 kit comes with a resin trademark sheet that can be adhered directly onto your airsoft body! A small effort on your part to attach it will bring you a great deal more enjoyment from your new Stargate SG-1/Atlantis prop.

For unfinished P90 kits ...

Depending on if you have a finished SG1Props P90 kit or an expert/unfinished kit you may have to do some preparation work on the trademarks before attaching them. If your kit is an unfinished one then you'll need to start by trimming the excess resin around the trademarks until it's a rectangular shape similar to the trademark area on the left side of your P90. Ultimately, it should be only slightly smaller than this recessed area on the P90 body so that it can fit snugly in.

Once it's the right shape, you'll need to make sure it's the right thickness too. You can sand the bottom of the resin trademarks to make the piece thinner. You should sand it until it is the thickness of a couple of sheets of paper, but be careful not to go too thin or the trademarks will be damaged. Try to make the trademark sheet as even as possible. If some areas are thicker than others then focus on sanding down the thick areas (from the bottom of the trademark sheet).

The final step towards finishing your trademarks is to paint them. You want them to match the airsoft body as much as possible, and therefore you might decide to spray paint the entire P90 body once you've attached the trademarks. Otherwise, look for a gloss black that matches the finish of your airsoft gun.

Now that they're finished ...

At this stage you have resin trademarks that are ready to attach to the P90 body. So the next step is to prepare the body of the airsoft gun itself. You will need to sand or file off the trademarks that come with the airsoft gun (something like "Well D90 Electric Air Pistol Series"). To do this I find that a rotary tool with a drum sanding bit works best. Whatever you use, plan how you're going to do it without scuffing up the body. You should ONLY sand the recessed area where the trademarks are.

Once you've sanded down this area it's a simple matter of gluing the trademarks to the body. You only need a small amount of glue, so don't use any more than needed or it will get messy. Let the glue dry according to its instructions, and you're done!

To join the discuss feel free to stop by our Stargate prop building community!


Some low end P90s will have generic trademarks which need filing
Prepare the trademark area
Prepare the trademark area
Use your favorite glue
Attach the trademark strip
Rough placement of the new trademarks

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