Airsoft MP5 options

The MP5 was one of the first weapons to be offered by Japanese airsoft manufacturers due to it's widespread popularity throughout the 80s with global military units. As a result there are dozens of airsoft MP5s including spring operated versions, gas guns, low powered electric guns, mid powered electric guns and high end airsofts. While the high end guns are screen accurate to Stargate they are often outside of the budget of many Stargate cosplayers. And, while there are some spring operated MP5A5 replicas, the cheaper replicas can not always be modified easily.


The CYMA CM.023 is a low powered electric gun (LPEG for short) available from airsoft retailers for around $55. Although this is an inexpensive airsoft gun it does not feel cheap. It is constructed from sturdy plastic, and comes with a few accessories which are useful for building your Stargate SG1 prop replica. Before I discuss the accessories, let's talk about the main features of the gun.

The lower receiver uses the correct Navy trigger group to be screen accurate to most of the MP5s seen on Stargate SG1. This means that it includes the bullet indicators when you switch between safe, single shot and full auto.

With some of the cheaper airsoft MP5A5 and MP5A3 models the telescoping stock if molded into the body of the gun, and does not work. The CM.023 features a fully functional stock which can be extended and locked back, or collapsed onto the gun. This is one of the things I like about this replica.

A few negative issues

Not everything about the CM.023 is perfect.  It does not include an ambidextrous selector switch on both sides, and instead only has a selector switch only on the right side of the receiver. The missing selector switch makes the left side of the gun look a little weird. It would be possible to modify a selector switch from a high end airsoft and then attach it to this gun, but you would also need to stencil on the markings.

The huge navy style flash hider is also inaccurate to Stargate SG1. The prop MP5s used on the show include the more standard 3 lug flash hider.

Attaching a lighted tactical foregrip to this replica would require some minor modification. The standard grip is easily removable (to access the battery compartment) but after market grips made for high end guns like the Tokyo Marui will not attach without some work.

The double magazine that comes with the CYMA CM.023 is ALMOST perfect. It is a double magazine (although molded permanently together) and features a realistic 9mm cartridge in the exposed magazine. Unfortunately, however, CYMA choose to use the short MP5K style magazines. The short size makes it look awkward, and I would recommend buying a second full length magazine and a double magazine clamp.


Although the magazine is not perfect, it is nice enough to use for Stargate cosplay. This replica also comes with a scope mount and scope, although they are NOT screen accurate to what SG1 would use. The included 2 point sling is not screen accurate since SG1 used a 3 point sling. Most people would not notice the difference in slings.

You can easily attach the correct scope to this MP5 since CYMA molded the upper receiver WITH the pegs for installing a claw mount. I had a scope laying around from the tutorial on how to build the MP5 scope, and installed it quite easily. The receiver is study enough where I felt confident installing the metal claw mount without it breaking.

As an added bonus this replica comes with a sound suppressor (silencer). Although not heavily used in Stargate, Colonel O'Neill did use one attached to his MP5A5 in Thor's Chariot. The included suppressor is dimpled, and therefore not screen accurate to what Jack used, but that is a minor issue.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to add an MP5A5 to your Stargate cosplay armory, but don't want to spend a lot of money, then get the CM.023. I would add the screen accurate scope and lighted foregrip, and would probably ignore the chunky Navy style flash hider.


CM.023 Packaging
CYMA included a lot of accessories
The working stock is nice
Working charging handle!
You can perform the famor "HK Slap" with the charing handle
Sadly the selector switch is only on one side
The flash hider easily unscrews
Comes with a suppressor
Nice bullet effect, but the double magazine should be full length
Does come with one full length magazine
The CYMA with suppressor and double magazine
Flashlight grip is not included, but could be modified to fit
With some work you can attach a lighted foregrip
You can attach a Tokyo Marui claw mount
Looks great with a custom made Stargate scope!
Has screen accurate bullet markings
Adding a metal scope + mount gives it a hefty weight
The flash hider is not screen accurate.
Overall the gun would work nicely for Stargate cosplay

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