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G.D.O. Prop Replica With Rechargable Battery

How To Recharge Your G.D.O.

Charging your screen accurate G.D.O. prop replica has never been easier thanks to an internal lithium battery, and handy USB port. Now you can keep your G.D.O. working at all times, and never have to... READ MORE

Stargate GDO Prop

G.D.O. Prop Replica

A screen accurate replica of the G.D.O. cast from the original studio molds. Fully functional with internal lights just like the original hero prop. Every component has been painstakingly matched up... READ MORE

Stargate G.D.O. Prop

About The G.D.O. Prop

The G.D.O. prop was used throughout Stargate SG-1 by many of the show's characters. Every offworld team member was issued a G.D.O. to ensure that they could return through the gate. The props... READ MORE