G.D.O. Model 1.0

Oct 17, 2015 by SG Merc

Finished G.D.O.s have been created! A small number of these were created and featured at the Stitch's Loft booth at the 2015 Creation Entertainment Stargate convention in Chicago. Almost everything was final on these, with the exception of the keypads which were clear resin instead of rubber. Since these prototypes I have reworked the backplates, the baseplates and plastic face shields. I am still working on the rubber keypads, which have been very challenging.

I've been working double time on getting the G.D.O. replica finished, and it's nearly there! Today I began casting the top shell pieces in the new mold, and also finished the master for the bottom cover and the baseplate. Since I wanted to get the exact same texture on the bottom cover as the original prop I needed to order the appropriate textured plastic. It's a small detail, but why not get it right?

Ordering Hardware

Jul 30, 2015 by SG Merc

This week I received multiple orders from McMaster and Digi-Key for the current slate of projects I'm working on. Included are components for adding electronics to the GDO (yes it will light!), polycarbonate for the face shields, screen matched screws, titanium rods, micro switches, and about 30 differenet components for other projects. It is amazing how many components used in original props can be found online if you know what you are looking for (having exact measurements helps).

Here's a photo of the bag that McMaster sent me. This is about $150 worth of components.

Good Impressions

Jun 27, 2015 by SG Merc

This week I pulled the first casts from two new molds. The results? Perfect bubble free castings. That's always a welcome relief from a new mold.

I have also been working on some other great unannounced projects which I've been talking about over in the Stargate prop building group on Facebook. Expect to see those posted publically soon.

I poured silicone on 4 new molds today. This includes the second half of the monocular that O'Neill and Mitchell used, two more parts for the Naquadah Generator, and a mold for a prop that I haven't publically anounced yet  ... it has been anounced on our Stargate Props Facebook group though. Speaking of Facebook, we brought back the old Facebook Group that we operated a few years ago! This is a place where we can all talk about building props, and share advice before things move into the spotlight.

This Week In Props

Jun 4, 2015 by SG Merc

It has been another busy week here at SG1Props. We are working on bringing a brand new range of props to the community, and this week I have been focused on locating parts used in the screen used props. I received and cataloged an order of over 800 items from McMaster Carr, and have just placed an order for over 100 additional parts with other suppliers. When building a screen accurate prop you need to look at even the smallest detail!

Today I started to experiment with the casting method known as cold metal casting, or cold casting for short. Unlike traditional metal casting which uses molten metal, cold casting involves the bonding of metal particulates with liquid resin. The end result is a combination of resin and metal to create the effect of metal. The metal powder can be either mixed directly into the resin, or applied only to the surface by dusting the mold prior to applying resin.

Clear Casting

May 1, 2015 by SG Merc

Despite the cooler overnight temperatures, the resin I poured yesterday did kick over night. I was using Smooth-Cast 326 without tint, so the casts made under pressure are completely transparent. It's a neat effect, but for the next round of casts I will be adding material. The original parts I molded were metal, and so I am looking forward to cold casting my replicas with aluminum powder from Smooth-On.

I'll be posting photos of the finished casts later this weekend.

Attempted to do some casting today from the new molds I recently finished, but the temperature just was not high enough. At 60 degrees Fahrenheit my resin has not cured within the 60 minutes that the manufacturer specifies. I'm going to let them sit overnight before I clean out the molds just to see if the resin kicks, but this just shows how even 12 degrees can make a difference, and where a heated workshop is a great thing to have.

Making Molds

Apr 27, 2015 by SG Merc

Today I was able to pour silicone on 5 different molds that I started last week. The week was hectic for me, but I am glad to have started off this week on a productive note. So now I have a few more molds finished on 3 of the projects that I am working on. After these molds sit for at least 16 hours I will remove the original parts inside, and then post-cure the rubber in an oven.