I know how to pick the hard projects

It has been another busy week here at SG1Props. We are working on bringing a brand new range of props to the community, and this week I have been focused on locating parts used in the screen used props. I received and cataloged an order of over 800 items from McMaster Carr, and have just placed an order for over 100 additional parts with other suppliers. When building a screen accurate prop you need to look at even the smallest detail!

Inside the shop I have just finished up two more replica P90s. I have made new molds for all of the P90 accessories, making the quality of those parts much nicer without any finishing work required on my part. So I am working a little faster.

And I'm making new molds! Critical parts of COOL props are being molded this week. Keep your eyes on the SG1Props Instagram account for your FIRST look at new Stargate props and costumes.


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