The Biggest Stargate Prop Forum Just Got Better

Finished G.D.O.s have been created! A small number of these were created and featured at the Stitch's Loft booth at the 2015 Creation Entertainment Stargate convention in Chicago. Almost everything was final on these, with the exception of the keypads which were clear resin instead of rubber. Since these prototypes I have reworked the backplates, the baseplates and plastic face shields. I am still working on the rubber keypads, which have been very challenging.

Why the challenge on the keypads? My keypads are going to be made from clear rubber with numbers embedded below the surface so that they can't be rubbed off. Unfortunately creating a clear rubber like this is not nearly as simple as I make it sound. I'm still working on these.

The good news is that everyting else is done. Here are some photos of one of the prototypes which was auctioned off at Dragon Con's Don S. Davis Charity Auction this year.


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