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Ribbon Device from Stargate SG-1

Overview of the Ribbon Device Prop

The Goa'uld Ribbon Device, or Kara Kesh in Goa'uld, is one of the most recognizable props from Stargate SG-1. This comprehensive article studies each of the original studio props, and... READ MORE

G.D.O. Prop Replica With Rechargable Battery

How To Recharge Your G.D.O.

Charging your screen accurate G.D.O. prop replica has never been easier thanks to an internal lithium battery, and handy USB port. Now you can keep your G.D.O. working at all times, and never have to... READ MORE

Working Zat Gun From Stargate SG1

Working Zat Gun Replica

The SG1Props Zat Gun is the first fan made fully functional Zat Gun prop replica. The prop opens, closes and fires at the touch of a trigger. Requiring hundreds of hours of research and development,... READ MORE

Stargate Ancient Long Range Communication Stone

Ancient Communication Stone Prop Overview

The Ancient Communication Stone, also known as a Long-range communication stone, is a handheld resin prop designed to simulate the appearance of a polished stone. Several of these stones were created... READ MORE

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How to Choose a Resin or Rubber

With so many options available for liquid tooling materials (aka resin and mold making rubber) it can be daunting to figure out what to use for your project. Should you use a quick curing resin or a... READ MORE

Prop Project Management

Managing a prop project is not for the faint of heart. R&D, Production, and customer service all require a great deal of time and effort. It's a three legged stool. If any one of these areas... READ MORE

Next Big Thing ...

One of the coolest props of the year is now entering the first stages of development. It just recently arrived in the mail from one of SG1Props' top supporters, and is amazing. One thing that I... READ MORE