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SImple Rotocasting Machine

Build A Simple Rotocasting Machine

Rotational casting is useful for making hollow parts with bubble free surfaces, but can be time consuming to do by hand. Following these instructions you can build a simple rotocasting machine... READ MORE

Stargate GDO Prop

G.D.O. Prop Replica

A screen accurate replica of the G.D.O. cast from the original studio molds. Fully functional with internal lights just like the original hero prop. Every component has been painstakingly matched up... READ MORE

Stargate G.D.O. Prop

About The G.D.O. Prop

The G.D.O. prop was used throughout Stargate SG-1 by many of the show's characters. Although not always shown on screen, the filmmakers implied that every offworld team member was equipped with... READ MORE

Stargate Naquadah Generator Mk I

Naquadah Generator Hero Prop

Overview of the Naquadah Generator Mk II hero prop from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. Working prop features moving parts, full lighting effects and an fast lights mode to simulate the reactor... READ MORE

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Perfection Or Delivery?

As a person who strives to do good work it can be difficult to determine when to stop improving a project and just get it done. This problem is compounded in our hobby of making replica items. Do you... READ MORE

3D Modeling On The Road

Have been out of the shop for a few days due to travel. Thankfully I remembered to pack a few parts to an intricate project which requires some CNC machining. So I fired up my go-to CAD application... READ MORE