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Working Zat Gun From Stargate SG1

Working Zat Gun Replica

The SG1Props Zat Gun is the first fan made fully functional Zat Gun prop replica. The prop opens, closes and fires at the touch of a trigger. Requiring hundreds of hours of research and development,... READ MORE

Stargate Ancient Long Range Communication Stone

Ancient Communication Stone Prop Overview

The Ancient Communication Stone, also known as a Long-range communication stone, is a handheld resin prop designed to simulate the appearance of a polished stone. Several of these stones were created... READ MORE

SImple Rotocasting Machine

Build A Simple Rotocasting Machine

Rotational casting is useful for making hollow parts with bubble free surfaces, but can be time consuming to do by hand. Following these instructions you can build a simple rotocasting machine... READ MORE

Stargate GDO Prop

G.D.O. Prop Replica

A screen accurate replica of the G.D.O. cast from the original studio molds. Fully functional with internal lights just like the original hero prop. Every component has been painstakingly matched up... READ MORE

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Working Zat Gun

It's the talk of Stargate fans around the world! After waiting just about 20 years, a fan has finally succeeded in doing what was previously only dreamt of: Creating a fully functional Zat Gun... READ MORE

Project Statuses

I have not been online much, but have been working every single day on recreating the props of Stargate. Incredible progress has been made on all of the props, but these stand out:Working Zat GunI... READ MORE

Perfection Or Delivery?

As a person who strives to do good work it can be difficult to determine when to stop improving a project and just get it done. This problem is compounded in our hobby of making replica items. Do you... READ MORE