SG Merc is a Stargate prop enthusiast, and the founder of, a community of thousands of Stargate fans and collectors. He has been involved in props and costuming since the hayday of Stargate costuming back in the early 2000s where he organized many Stargate team events. As a prop builder SG Merc is most notably responsible for bringing replicas of two of the most loved Stargate prop weapons to the community: An affordable P90 and the Goa'uld Kara'kesh (ribbon device).

In 2015, after 9 years of running, SG Merc relaunched the website on a new platform making it more interactive than ever before. Not only will the new website fulfill his original vision of being the Internet's premiere Stargate props and costumes resource, but it will also be a launching pad for new Stargate prop projects.

As a community, is made up of thusands of Stargate fans and collectors from all over the world. The network spans multiple websites, social media platforms, and the legendary SG1Props email newsletter. Members of the community support each others projects, and keep the Stargate franchise alive by organizing events around the globe.

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With so many options available for liquid tooling materials (aka resin and mold making rubber) it can be daunting to figure out what to use for your project.

Managing a prop project is not for the faint of heart. R&D, Production, and customer service all require a great deal of time and effort. It's a three legged stool.

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A System Lord's Personal Weapon

One of the two alien weapons to make the transition from the Stargate feature film into Stargate SG1 was the Kara Kesh, better known

Working props are great; They make great costume accessories, beautiful display pieces, and are just generally a lot of fun to play with. But having to replace old worn out batteries sucks.

The Stargate franchise has had many props, but among the top three recognizable ones would be the Zat Gun, Staff Weapon and the gate itself.

First appearing in season 8's Citizen Joe, the Ancient long-range communication stone is a device capable of connecting two people over a great distance.