The Biggest Stargate Prop Forum Just Got Better

Gatecon 2022 just wrapped up, and I am pleased to have been there as an attendee, special guest, and working photograher. Yes, it was a BUSY weekend. The highlight for me was revealing the ZPM prop replica during a live broadcast of Dial The Gate. The ZPM was a hit with everybody who saw it, from fans all the way up to Peter DeLuise himself.

Working in photo ops Friday and Saturday gave me the opportunity to meet lots of fellow fans as we captured special moments with the stars of the show(s).

I also had a chance to meet with some original prop makers outside of Gatecon, and talk about their experiences working on Stargate. I may have even found some long lost Stargate artifacts to bring home ...

Here's hoping that Gatecon 2024 happens. In the meantime, keep enjoying Stargate. SG1Props will continue to work to bring you the finest possible Stargate collectibles.

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