A Moment To Focus On What's Important

2016 was a tremendous year for growth at SG1Props. In the year of our 10 year anniversary we revealed more new Stargate props than in any year prior. Not only did we stir up wonder around the world with the fully functional hero Zat Gun, but we also completed the prototype of the long running Naquadah Generator project, and about half a dozen other props. Stargate is very must alive!

The year ahead promises lots of work to finish 2016's projects and to start all new ones. And work takes time.

SG1Props is an independent fan-run community. Our projects are made one at a time by us, skilled prop makers who love Stargate. We are artists who live and breathe quality. We are not about money, we are about the love of Stargate.

Read more about what's ahead, and share your own projects, in the 2017 thread on our forums.


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