The Biggest Stargate Prop Forum Just Got Better

I can say one thing for certain, and that is that in this Year Of The Gate there is so much more to come. With new projects around the corner, and major updates coming on old projects, 2019 will be another fun year in the history of SG1Props.

It's been almost two years since our last project made it's debuted. The Stargate Universe Kino project has been a frustratingly joyful project to work on. This is quite literally a prop inside of a prop, and has required so much patience to perfect.

Our work did not stop there. There has been enormous progress made on the naquadah generator and working zat gun projects. Those projects, like the Kino, have their own unique challenges: Physics. It has been a privilege to get to replicate such amazing feats of engineering.

Did I mention there were new projects coming as well? There are over half a dozen unannounced projects in the works. Will all of them be revealed this year? Not a chance. On the other hand, some are just around the corner ...

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