FN Herstal P90 PDW

Recreating a next generation offworld weapon

FN P90

The FN P90S was introduced to the world of Stargate SG-1 in the forth season episode The First Ones. In that episode, it captivated viewers all over the world who hadn't previously seen or even heard of this uniquely designed weapon. It also marked a moment that sent die-hard SG collectors and costumers searching to find a way to own a version of this otherwise "law enforcement only" (LE) gun.

To help Stargate fans build their own prop replica of this gun, SG1Props offers a range of tutorials and kits.

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Overview of the SG1Props P90 project

Receiver Mounting Tutorial

Read about how this project got started, and how you can build your very own replica P90. This is a must read introduction if you want to own your own replica of this amazing weapon!

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Disassembly and Modification Guide for LPEG Airsoft P90

Modifying LPEG P90 Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through cutting off the tri-rail upper receiver on an LPEG P90, and various other steps needed to prepare your gun for installing the upper receiver kit. P90 Disassembly | Removing the Receiver

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Mounting The Receiver (part two)

Upgrade your LPEG P90 airsoft gun into a Stargate prop

This tutorial explains how to mount a standard P90 upper receiver with red dot sight to your LPEG P90 body, converting it into a canon SG-1 prop.

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Magazine options

P90 Magazines Article

There are several different options for P90 mags that you can use with your prop. So which one should you buy? Read this article first before spending your hard earned money!

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Adding trademarks

Install trademarks on your airsoft P90

This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of adding realistic 5.7mm P90 trademarks to your prop P90.

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Modding your P90 to Use Tokyo Marui Mags

P90 Magazines Modification

So ya wanna use a Tokyo Marui mag with your LPEG P90? This tutorial will cover everything you need to know in order to modify your P90 to accept them ... and make your Stargate prop all the more cool

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Build a Working P90 Airsoft Gun

Installing a barrel into your airsoft P90 receiver

Learn how to add the SG1Props upper receiver kit to your airsoft P90, but still be able to use it as a functional airsoft gun. Simple tutorial to follow!