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By SG Merc
Welcome to Colonel Carter as the newest moderator on!

She's been a great help preparing graphics for the forums, being willing to take on screen-capping with me, and generally doing the idea-bouncing thing.

Thanks Carter, I appreciate your willingness to help out on the forums :D
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By Colonel_Carter

Thank you SG Merc. I hope to live up to all expectations and continue with the work I've been doing up to now.

You're the king when it comes to Props ... but I know my SG inside out/backwards ... flip through a wormhole and turn back up the right way :lol:

Yes, I am evil RepliCarter ;)
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By SG Merc
King is a bit strong. But I wouldn't oppose the title of Genius :P

You'll do fine. Just don't ever press the red button, ever.
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By Colonel_Carter
You mean this big one here ...



Ah, well ok then genius ... you've got the helm :D

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