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By SG Merc
For Stargate fans, Gatecon has long been the pilgrimage of choice when it comes to events focused on the Stargate franchise. Taking place in the hometown of the Stargate TV shows, Gatecon is hosted in Vancouver British Columbia. With the Canadian border having been closed, the convention had been on hiatus until now.

I was in attendance, and had the opportunity to reveal three new prop projects for the first time. Revealed at Gatecon 2022 include:
  • ZPM
  • Ancient Personal Shield
  • Asuran Replicator Pistol
These props were unveiled for their world premiere on the main Gatecon stage during a live broadcast of the Dial The Gate show.

Many memories were made at this convention, but one of the best was getting to hand the ZPM replica to Peter DeLuise himself so that he could take a look. Peter, along with his brother David, were in attendance to meet with fans and tell stories from their time on set. Peter's Stargate credits include roles as writer, director, supervising producer and creative consultant. Peter and I talked about SG1Props and the work that I have done to bring prop replicas to life. It was a humbling experience to present my work in front of one of the people responsible for bringing so many Stargate stories to life.

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