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By SG Merc
Who likes the Ancient Communication Stones from SG1 and SGU?

I used a mold of one of the original stones to cast these replicas. The level of detailing in the Ancient writing is amazing considering how few close-ups were shown on screen.

These were painted so that the color would reflect light. They are very dark normally, but under light they are a dark purple.

Will have photos soon of the custom matte board displays that I am making, and also some nice display box options. In the mean time they are available for order at
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By SG Merc
Here are some photos showing this prop mounted for display. It is attached with Velcro to double matboard. Below the prop is an aluminum plaque, which is laser etched. This is an absolutely stunning display, and would look very sophisticated on your wall.

Comes in an archival bag for transport and handling. Add you need is any 8x10 inch shadow box to put this on your wall.

Since the prop is mounted with Velcro it can be removed and reattached from the mount board at your leisure.





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By SG Merc
I have changed the paint used for these. The original prop was color shifting from black, to blue, to purple depending on the light. I now manufacture my own paint specifically for these to match the original.
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