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Post here if you're having trouble with any part of the website or forums, or if you have a comment/suggestion about the site.

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By SG Merc
I am currently having to rebuild the forum theme/style.

You can still use the forums, but some things may look a little out of place until I get everything back up and running properly.

In the mean time if you have any problems doing something on the forum that was working before this weekend, let me know here.

Thanks for your patience.
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By SG Merc
Update: Most of the restyling is finished, and things are looking back to normal. A few things need tweaking still.

If nobody protests, I am going to leave the user profiles on the right hand side. This is the default in PHPBB3, and I had moved them to the left to mimic the old software. I think it's time to embrace this upgrade though, as it makes reading more natural.
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