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By SG Merc
Over the last year as I've built this website I've had my own vision of what it would be, and the type of things that I wanted to put on it. But I am curious about what you, the members of SG1Props, would like to see in the future.

Do you like prop-building tutorials?

Or maybe you want to see more costuming articles and guides?

Perhaps more site projects (like the P90 kits) being offered for sale?

What about articles written by our members?

My point is that this website is for you guys and gals. So I want to know what you would like to see. So feel free to share any ideas that you have about what you think would be cool.

I can't promise to implement every idea, but I want to support the members who are supporting this site.

Jump in ... :D
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By Hirogen
I would like to see costume guides and a where to purchase guide as well.
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By SG Merc
I've been thinking about adding exactly that. I've got a lot of good information, and just need to put my thinking cap on to find a good way to display it. :idea:

Thanks for the input; it's much appreciated.
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By Mike272
Hirogen wrote:I would like to see costume guides and a where to purchase guide as well.
Ooh! Indeed. Try's costume guides, they're quite handy. In fact, I'm currently working on constructing a black SGA uniform/costume now.

But yes, that is a great idea. I think we should re-write our version of SG-SOC's, making it easier to follow.

I also think some more member collaboration would be a good idea too (i.e. Global Mods, Assistant Admins, etc) who can add content (with your approval, or what ever) to help flesh-out the site.

In addition, I think we need some more tutorials (maybe some by us members too?) on props.

Oh well, that's all I can really think of at this moment.

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By SG Merc
I really want to get more people involved with writing for the site, because there's so many tutorials and mini-tutorials that can be done. I suppose I just need to figure out how best to recruit people to do write ups and take pictures.

We need the costume guides up, and then it would be great to do reviews of props/airsofts, modification guides for airsofts, new Stargate prop building tutorials, and some general painting/molding/casting information.

I always intended for members to be able to contribute and receive credit in the tutorials. Possibly with a link to their profile, or even other websites if they have them ... there's lots of possibilities.

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