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By abreauj
In the episode S08E18 "Threads", Anubis gives Daniel his newspaper, "The Ascended Times". There were apparently several different editions of the newspaper in the episode, but I've only found images of two: the full front page of the one featuring the story "Jackson Still Undecided", and a partial image of another with the stories "Secret Plan Revealed: Anubis' dastardly plot to regain Ancient Weapon of Desstruction", and "Consciousness Superhighway to go through".

Whatever happened to the other newspaper props from that episode? Does anybody know if readable images of them exist anywhere online?

Here are my copies of the two that I found:
Threads.jpg (728.25 KiB) Viewed 14325 times
insider_threads_ascendedtimes.jpg (489.2 KiB) Viewed 14325 times
I actually have not seen many copies of this prop go up for sale.

Considering that some of the other newspaper props were printed in mass then it's likely there are multiples of this one too, but people haven't shared many pictures.

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