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By ElliLawliet
Hello again.
My name is Elli and I'm a 23 years old physics stundent from Germany. I grew up watching Stargate, especially Atlantis since it was airing in German TV when i was in elementary school. Atlantis remains to be one of my all time favourite TV shows to this day. I know I'm quite young for a Stargate fan, but one thing I've always loved about the scifi and porpbuilding community is that it's so intergenerational.
I first found out about this site over on Instagram. And ever since I tried building some chevrons for a small stargate project we did for a scifi party at university, I'm hooked on building more stargate props. Someday I want to cosplay John Sheppard, because I wanted to be him as a child , he made me want to become a pilot back then, my parcifism prevented that though. Now I've taken the more peaceful approche of studying science :)
I hope to find some like-minded people here and maybe get some advice or help with future builds.
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By SG Merc
Hello Elli! Glad you found us from our Instagram account. Cosplay is a great way for you to honor a character, even if you followed a different career path.

If you would be willing to share photos of your chevrons, it would be great to see them!

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