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By Smiley
MASSIVE Red Dwarf fan here and recently i got to hear all the news about the crew coming back to the screen! I'm sooooo excited, i've loved watching Red Dwarf since i was Eight years old, but when i started watching it was basically all over filming, and for the last how ever many years there was a promise of a movie, just when i thought that was never gonna happen but now it has, but not a movie a three episode series.

I'm sooo excited about it, i can't wait to see it, tragically it's only being shown on a channel called Dave in the UK, and it'll be shown over the Easter weekend. I have no idea if it'll ever been shown over here, but i have a friend whose even a bigger fan than me and he said if he manage's to get a copy of 'em he'll give 'em to me, that'd be amazing...

Anyway, if there are any other Red Dwarf fans out there the best place to check out is here:
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By Colonel_Carter
Smiley, you're talking to another hardcore Red Dwarf fan here!

Having met ALL the cast and having gone to 9 (yes count them, 9) consequetive official conventions, I think I can say I'm quite an expert. All my friends back in the UK are revelling at the prospect of this Easter Weekends fun and frivolity. I have also been keeping up with the teasers that the Dave channel has been putting out.

Have no fear - I will be downloading as soon as I find the shows online (please let that be soon!) This is the first time I've not been in the country when anything new Red Dwarf has appeared, feels odd to be honest!

Oh and as an aside, I know one of the extras!!! If I spot them, I'll point him out :)
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By Smiley
Is he the fan that was in the right place at the right time?! :P

Thats so awesome that you have met them, i would love to have met them, i remember when they first started going over ideas for the movie and they were suggesting filming in Shepparton, which is just under three hours from here 45mins from where my parents have a house... i was so exstatic, so not far that never happened :( Oh well, still hanging out to see the shows :) But i think i'm giving up on the idea of ever meeting any of the crew... Australia might be a bit too far out... although with the newest shows coming out, maybe i can nag my mate into getting them over for a con... hmmm... :P
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By Colonel_Carter
He's a member of the fan club team - they were all invited along and he got roped in, though he is wearing a gasmask apparently (I've seen pics)

Hehe they were going to film in Shepperton? I knew it was Australia (because we had a message from the writer when he was out there) ... that's funny because they film at Shepperton over in the UK!!

Hey I can give you some names to contact if your mate is really up for having a con over there. I can't guarantee anything (as they all have small children & families now) but you never know unless you ask!!

Looking forward to Fri, Sat, Sun - or whenever I get to download the shows!!
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By SG Merc
I saw one of the teaser videos :wink:

Hoping to see the new episodes. I must admit to not having seen much Red Dwarf before now ... think I caught some episodes in the late 90s, but then again thats a long time to remember back to.
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By SG1Niner
WOW!!! I can't remember the last time I saw Red Dwarf! Awesome news!
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By Colonel_Carter
I have seen two of the three episodes so far.

The first one was awesome!!! Absolutely blew me away, old Dwarf - classic!

The second one ... mmm the verdict is out on that one for me. Seemed a little odd and was spoilt personally by some characters.

The third ... *watch this space* :)
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