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By SG Merc
Those are hilarious Carter, I'm thrilled that there were more of them!

Worth a good laugh :)
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By Astra
It is indeed a very catching tune! Image

And so funny! I bet Rick had much fun making those.

I saw this a few weeks ago already (it was the weekend of the Superbowl) when they first came out. When they had aired on Saturday Night Live, we were not sure yet whether those were skits or really ads. They were placed in the middle of the commercials, so people skipping ads would stop and think the show continues. Very clever way!

Here is an interview where he talked a bit about MacGruber and that they had asked him to do one, but he had no time at the time. The interview was made back in Summer 2008 at Comic Con, but published in January 2009. ... vie-1.html

And you also can play a MacGruber-game if you want to: ... MacGruber/
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By SG1Niner
Kate, who manages/hosts RDA's site had posted these too! Looks like he had a lot of fun! So 'corny' and so funny!
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By Astra
Yesterday three more skits aired, real skits this time, no commercials. The links we got during the day only worked for people in the US, so I haven't seen them yet, but now you can dowload them also from Kate's page, plus there is a note from Rick along with it.

Can't say more, still loading! Image
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By SG1Niner
AUGH!!!!!!! Astra beat me to it!

I had to watch them FIRST! OH NO, couldn't post here THEN watch!


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By SG1Niner
And for you original BG fans...keep watching the last "MacGruber"!

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