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By SG1Niner
ok...anyone watch the newest Battlestar Galactica episode...WHY does SciFi keep the show on hiatus sooooooooooooooooo long?!

I know the writer's strike and all...but how's about rerunning some of the other seasons...just as a tease?!

Was anyone shocked/surprised/aghast that Helen was the unknown Cylon?

My take is, if they wanted to put a good twist on things would've been to have the hybrid from Razer as the 5th/12th...5th of 12...ok, a CHEAP knock-off of a Star Trek joke!

Resistance is futile!
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By SG Merc
Unfortunately I never had the chance to get into BSG. I saw two episodes and enjoyed it, but otherwise I'm in the dark!
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By SG1Niner
It's definitely a darker twist from the original series...ahhhh, the chrome...the sparkly head that Lucifer had...those were the days!

With this versions run to finish the story in 4 seasons instead of 5 I think they're trampling over themselves...

STILL! I will take all I can get of SG1, SGA, BSG over WRESTLING!!!!

You know...that old chestnut!
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By Colonel_Carter
I have to say ... I saw about 20 minutes of the first episode and really didn't like it. Firstly they cast my favourite character as a woman (wtf?) instead of a man and was just full of 'beautiful people'.

Where's the actors with character these days?
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