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By Colonel_Carter
I'm know there will be people here glad to hear the rumour that Ghostbusters 3 is in the pipeline!!!

Though Colombia Pictures have declined to comment on the rumours so far, two writers from 'The Office' have been recruited to write a script.

I remember these movies so fondly from when I was 'younger' (ok, not that young when they came out) and would love to see what they came up with and whether it would still work with the original cast (got to be original cast, right?)

Anywho, full story here:

Who ya gonna call? ;)

*EDIT: I've just read that this is possibly going to be all CGI ... oh dear* :(
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By SG Merc
Oh yeah! Gotta get Dan Aykroyd back for it!

If the cat's out of the bag we should hear something soon, so definitely let us know if you hear anything else Carter. This is exciting! :D
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By Colonel_Carter
Hehe thought you'd be interested in it.

Love Dan Ackroyd and would love to see him reprise his role. Apparently Bill Murray is on record as saying he'd never do another one (hence the idea of CGI). I hope this isn't true though ... it'd end up being like Toy Story :?

Will keep you posted!
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By Smiley
*is just exciting she gets to meet Ernie Hudson this year* :D:D
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By SG Merc
Smiley wrote:*is just exciting she gets to meet Ernie Hudson this year* :D:D
Very lucky thing, you are! He's a great actor!
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By Smiley
Yup yup, deffinitely... and i've been told that he comes to con's in costume... heehee, THAT would be exciting!
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