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By SG Merc
These are some of the apps that I am using to help keep projects on track around here. These cloud apps are nice because they can also be shared for collaboration between multiple people. Would be interested to hear any other ideas!

Nearly everything I do goes into Evernote, except photos. Links to resources, production plans, parts lists for props etc.. Since I am using Evernote for other focues as well, Stargate gets it's own notebook with all of the notes being organized by tags. The other way would be to use sub-notebooks. The desktop app gets installed on all of my computers, and the mobile app on those devices.

Just started getting into Trello. This is a Kanban board system used things like software agile development . Like Evernote it has mobile apps, but not a desktop app. That's ok because the website works well. I have a Stargate board which I use to keep track of the day-to-day tasks. I used to keep simple TO-DO lists in Evernote, but find that the checkboxes in Trello really help me keep track of what I have accomplished. Check out the attached screen grabs showing my Trello setup.

Because dead hard drives full of prop photos suck. I have been keeping most of my photos organized in Dropbox. Great for backup, but also helpful because it allows me to pull up prop photos anywhere. For example if I stop by a hobby shop to pick up some paint for a prop I can pull up the photos of that prop to color match it.

This is an open source version of MS office. I use the spreadsheet software to build inventory lists for advanced prop projects which have dozens of components. By putting in the price of each component I can keep track of my inventory plus the actual per-prop cost. Things like the cost of screws can add up when there are 20+ machine screws in a project. Google sheets would work better since it is cloud based, I suppose.

Last, and most importantly, this website is the perfect way to manage the progress on a project. Of course, only if the project has been made public :P
Trello - Small projects
Trello - Small projects
Trello1.jpg (103.96 KiB) Viewed 12081 times
Trello - Checklist example
Trello - Checklist example
Trello2.jpg (93.33 KiB) Viewed 12081 times
Trello - Some props get their own board
Trello - Some props get their own board
Trello3.jpg (80.6 KiB) Viewed 12081 times
By Jackknifeau
I use Cosplanner... Free app for droid and IOS... You can buy extra features. Like add on items or build items...can be used for just building one off props or complete costumes

You can set a budget and you can track down as you buy stuff and or build stuff...

There isn't any online back up and you can't swap between operating systems....
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By SG Merc
I checked out cosplanner, and gotta say that it looks very nice. I haven't tried it myself, but I see the developer mentions an "export" option, which might be good for manually backing up your records.

Google Docs and Google Drive
Another office suite similar to MS Office, except cloud based. I have moved most of my LibreOffice spreadsheets into Google Sheets so that I can modify them on the fly from a tablet. I don't use Drive for most of my files since I already use Dropbox, but I have been able to improve record keeping with Google Sheets.

Another useful aspect of Google Drive is that the files can be edited by multiple people without the need for installing software. So at SG1Props we are able to have shared documents between project collaborators.
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