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By SG Merc
Wow what a busy week it's been! I've been trying to get more work done on the props, but the real world can be a demanding place!

I did have the opportunity to stop by Harbor Freight to pick up some supplies and tools. Since I have started experimenting with cold casting (as I talked about on my blog), I bought some steel wool and metal polishing compound. From my research these are critical to getting a good finish.

The other thing that I picked up is my workshop's first hot glue gun. This is NOT my favorite adhesive technique! There are far more permanent agents for bonding. With that said, hot glue guns are cheap to use for low stress joints that require large amounts of glue.

I have also been able to pick up a few screen accurate prop and costume pieces which I will use for articles that I am writing for the website.
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By SG Merc
Picked up a used Black And Decker Workmate on Craigslist for $30. This is one of the older metal and wood models, and will last forever if treated properly. The new plastic models sell for over $80.

My first use of the new table is to set up an electric rotocasting machine built using parts already in my shop. I'll do a writeup if it works out.
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