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By Cyberpred

I know you have been following my Jupiter 2 build. We have an opportunity to be on a TV show similar to Extreme Home Makeover.

They are interested in taking my Jupiter 2 project to the next level. Build another story to my house and expand the size of the Jupiter 2 Media room to the top and bottom levels of the Jupiter 2.

Also turn the rest of our house into a Smart House with a Scifi theme. The ultimate Scifi House.

For all you Scifi Geeks out there like me I need you to swamp their Facebook Page here

with requests to see this on their show. The more requests the better chance we have.

Contact everyone you know who would love to see this build on TV and have them also swamp the Facebook Page.

We need all the help we can get.

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By SG Merc

You gotta keep going with this! The collection is great, and is bound to attract some attention, even if not from that particular show.
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