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By Agent 9
How is it that all the really good Science Fiction TV shows always get the early axe? Well, OK SG1 had a solid run, but they changed up the main characters part way through and it really did change the show (it was really odd seeing Ben and Caudia playing as SG1 members, especially after being used to seeing them in their very different roles in Farscape -another great show that ended too soon IMO)

Then there was SGA and SGU (the former I rather liked, the latter wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was sorta OK)... and FOX killing off Firefly also sucked a lot... damn money hungry CEO's!! :evil:

So here's to you Stargete series *stands and salutes*
*continues on by holding a candle light vigil while watching DVD collections of SG, Farscape, Firefly and others again for the 200th time*

I haven't gotten around to watching Dr.Who, but I'll have to start on that one sometime soon as I've seen a few here and there on PBS. Maybe I'll rent them first and see how it goes

So, do you guys (or girls) like these other Scicence Fiction alternative realities... I mean TV shows; and do you 'still keep the flame burning' for them?

oh, and for those can't tell, I've just found this site and 'joined up', I'll have to spend some time looking through the archives at all the cool things that were done -though it seems a lot of posts are a bit old and have dead links and images, kinda sad to see no one has backups of the images put up, oh well
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By Astra
Personally, I and many of my old Stargate friends have moved on to the Doctor Who and also Torchwood (spin-off) universum. While Doctor Who is more about travel through space and time nad the phantastic things you can meet out there as well as going back in history, Torchwood (or at least the early seasons) feels a lot like the original SG-1 for me: a team in an underground base in nowadays Cardiff, having to deal with alien stuff without other people noticing...

So, I can recommend that! With six seasons of Doctor Who (plus the old shows) and four seasons of Torchwood you should be occupied for a while. Note, British seasons only have 13 episodes per season.

I certainly did not plan to find another fandom after Stargate, I watch a lot of other shows, but none of those make me write/read fanfictions, buy action figures, go to conventions, travel to London to see the actors live on stage in theatre and the whole stuff. And I am very happy that I can stay in touch with my friends through that, as usually, when a fandom ends, the friendships end as well when everyone moves on to somewhere else.

Now that Eureka is cancelled I really don't know what else to watch in addition :(
I tried Warehouse 13 but somehow could not get into it. Maybe I should try again.

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