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By Colonel_Carter
I was given the heads up about this SG related project.

Media Blvd Magazine recently interviewed Chris Judge, who had this to say about the joint project with Michael Shanks ...

"MediaBlvd> Now we haven’t really seen a whole lot about Rage of Angels out there, can you tell us anything about the plot?

Christopher> Well, I’ve been instructed by the powers that be…..

MediaBlvd> Not to tell me (laughs), fair enough.

Christopher> This is what I’m allowed to say. Gabriel comes to Earth, all hell breaks loose. That’s all I’m allowed to say.

MediaBlvd> That’s actually more than I’ve seen, so that’s great!

Christopher> I play Gabriel, Shanks plays Lucifer. Talk about being polar opposites of your characters! You know, we’ve been negotiating this deal since October of 2006. I’ve been told by everybody this is actually fast. I guess for a new show, if you’re not a Dick Wolf or a David Kelley, who has an established record and are already set up financially, to do a new show, from the time that time that a studio says ok, till the time that you go into production is usually two to three years, which to me is extraordinary. I was not prepared for that side of the business, I’d never seen it before, and I’m not sure I want to see it again. It’s agonizingly slow.

MediaBlvd> So is there actually a series order at this point?

Christopher> We’re going to do a two hour movie and a pilot. And we’ve already had quite a bit of interest from several networks. So the first thing we had to do was secure the deal with MGM, so now we can move forward with the network deals."

It all sounds like good stuff, and not unreminiscent of their collaboration during Andromeda
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By SG Merc
This sounds exciting! I'm very interested in what type of story they create for this though. I wonder how close the premise will be to the one used in Constantine.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this. Thank you Carter for posting :D
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