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By Colonel_Carter
Had to laugh when I found this today. I give you 'Stargate Kitteh'!!


... and no, I'm not embarrassed that I waste time on that website! Even an intellectual like me needs downtime :)
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By Astra
May I introduce you to the MacGyver/Jack O'Neill version? This belongs to a friend of me, who has turned the LOLcats into LOLMacs (and Jacks). She also gave them out as buttons at Gatecon, and RDA got to see them at one point!

Every day a new picture gets posted. Enjoy!
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By SG1Niner
ROFL - those are great!

I see SciFi started back to the beginning of SG1 tonight - bowt damn time! LOL

Seems like they've been stuck on seasons 9 & 10 furevur!
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By Colonel_Carter
It's probably something to do with their new 'deal' with Hulu ... now they've shown them they can probably start over again.

I need to start on the DVDs from the beginning again!!
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