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By SG Merc
There is now an image gallery that can be used by members of With this gallery you can:

1: Create your own albums
2: Upload photos of your Stargate props + costumes
3: Link to those images here on the forums

Please don't "image link" to your images on other websites though, because that will drain the resources of Instead, you can post a text link that people can click on to access your gallery.

NOTE: There are size restrictions on what you can upload:

Your image file cannot be larger than 1MB (1024kb), and cannot be longer/taller than 2048 pixels. If you try to upload something larger it will be rejected by the uploader, and you will have to resize it on your computer before trying to upload it again.

Here are instructions on how to create your album and upload pictures:


Unless you are already logged in, log into your account by clicking the "Login" button at the top, and then using the name/password that you use on the forums.


1: Click on the "Create/order my albums" button
2: Click the "New" button to create a new album (you may have more than one)
3: Type a name for your new album.
4: Click "Apply Modifications", and click "yes" on the confirmation popup.


1: To start uploading, click the "Upload file" button on the toolbar near the top of the screen
2: Click "Browse" to select an image on your computer (you may upload up to 3 at a time)
3: Click on "Continue"


1: Use the "Album" dropdown menu to select the album you created earlier
2: Type a title for your image, and a short description (and optionally keywords)
3: Click "Continue"
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By SG Merc
Once you have uploaded your images, you will be able to view and post them.


From the Image Library homepage click "Member Photos"


Click on the "Member Photos" sub-category.


Find your username to access your gallery.


Once you open your album you will see the photo(s) that you have uploaded. If you click on the image from this screen, it will appear full size.

If you would like to post an image directly into a post here on SG1Props you will need to open it to full size, right click on the image, choose "Properties", and copy the address under "Location"

Please do not link directly to images on other websites.
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