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By SG Merc
Here at SG1Props I have been "warming up" to the hot glue gun over the last few months. I've transitioned from not owning one to using the it on almost every project ... at least in some capacity.

The key is to know when to use hot glue and when to NOT use it.

Use hot glue:
  • To temporarily hold things together
  • To join cardboard, fomecore board, or paper
  • Securing wire and PCB in an electronics project
  • Glue things which don't won't be under stress
  • Attaching positive keys in a mold base (unless in clay)
When to NOT use hot glue:
  • If you need a strong bond (it's pretty weak)
  • On objects that can melt, such as thin plastics
  • Where aesthetics are important (messy stuff)
  • Tight spaces. The glue takes up more space than stronger adhesives, plus the gun won't fit in small spaces.
That's MY quick list. Also check out this article with 11 tips that you might not have thought about. Best tip in there for me is gluing the start pf one stick to the end of the previous for continuous feeding.

How do you use hot glue?

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