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Ancient Lifesigns Detector (LSD)

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:58 pm
by SG Merc
Stargate Atlantis brought us so many cool tech props, but none as cool as the lifesigns detector (LSD). First found in the ancient city, the prop ended up being used throughout the series.

Working with Ryan at Stitch's Loft I was able to use the original metal die from the studio to replicate this prop. Because these props were made from a flexible rubber, making a mold from one of the original props would have been problematic. Using the original CNC cut metal master allowed me to made a high quality mold to cast from.

In order to duplicate the exact same rubber used on the original props I consulted with top engineers at the resin/rubber company in order to create a brand new specialty casting rubber for this prop. Simply put, no off-the-shelf casting product can made an accurate LSD prop.

These rubber cases are assembled to the exact specifications and paint detailing of the original prop. Once assembled, Ryan adds a working PDA with the original source animation files from the show. The results are a mind blowing piece for any Stargate collector.

Re: Ancient Lifesigns Detector (LSD)

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2023 7:13 pm
by SG Merc
For Atlantis fans of this project, I'm happy to report that the Epilog laser cutter is making short work out of producing the next run of these replicas! Of course most of the prop will still be custom cast from clear rubber, but the colored trim pieces are laser cut from acrylic.