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By SG Merc
Way back when we did the prop interest poll everyone wanted a Kino, so I've made Kinos.

These things use almost 2 lbs of resin in order to achieve the same look and feel as the hero Kinos. That includes the magnification effect on the inner sphere, and also the heft of the original props.

The Kino is an interesting prop; Many of the original Kinos that were sold off were actually just pieces of Kinos to be technically accurate. This replica is the hero version, which is made up of an inner sphere and outer sphere. The completed hero prop is rich in details, and requires a combination of layered airbrushing and hand-painting in order to match the color. Speaking of colors, each paint was color matched to the original prop.

Enjoy this video which shows off the replica next to an original.
kinograb.jpg (71.79 KiB) Viewed 41678 times
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By SG Merc
I have been refining the process for making the Kino prop to improve the mating between the two sphere halves. Trying to eliminate any space between the two halves.

Working with clear resin is tricky enough by itself. Encapsulating another prop inside of the clear resin is even more of a challenge.

The work continues...
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By SG Merc
The Kino project has gone through several molds and casting techniques in order to get them perfected. So much experimentation needed in order to get bubble free and clear castings on the outside, with all of the Kino details on the inside. And the resins needed for this are rather pricey.

I am happy to say though that I have mastered this prop, and the results are phenomenal--and identical to the original prop.

Here's the latest batch.
kino.jpg (211.53 KiB) Viewed 27416 times

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