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By Hirogen
Here is my 1:6 Desert Ops Mitchell custom,


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The base is the DST body, with a set of Desert BDUs with a Tan shirt. I was hoping to find a 1/6 desert MA-1 jacket since those were used in the early seasons but I never found one so I opted for the BDU shirt. Boots I purchased off ebay, along the desert hat. The vest is one of those Playhouse Omega tan vests and the gun is the crappy gun DST included which I plan to upgrade someday along with a knife and canteen. The pistol holder was one I bought from Monkey Depot. It was a fairly easy custom and it is cool to have the desert uniform in my 1/6 Stargate display.
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By SG Merc
Nice work! It's great that there are so many compatible 1/6 uniforms and accessories to be able to create modifications like this.
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