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By Colonel_Carter
Yes indeed! has been venturing out into the new (and sometimes scarey) galaxies of facebook and livejournal.

You can now find us (and do please join us if you'd like!) on both of these networking sites. Hopefully we'll be able to share the awesomeness that is with even more like minded Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis fans.

If you're interested in joining, look for us at:

and Facebook Group

Colonel Carter out!
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By SG Merc
Great work setting these up for us Carter -- thank you.

I encourage everybody who is a member of those sites to network with us. It does help get the word out, and gives you another way to keep up to date on the latest happenings with the website.
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By Smiley
Woohoo, thank-god for you going on Facebook! :P I've been a bit busy and not able to get on for any decent amount of time and then when i did! My link in my favourites took me somewhere that said the Forum was on downtime, then i went on facebook posted and then thought, how about i try and copy and paste the site address... so i did and omg, everything was here again... so good! :) Facebook group looks good, though there a few of my friends joined that i didn't know where on this site... hmmmm! :P
I'm glad you're on Facebook too - another friend to the list!!

And I'm pleased that it got you back onboard. A part of the reason behind the Facebook & LiveJournal incursion is to attract more members and keep current members up to date 'on the go' :)

Tell all your friends & group members :)
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By Smiley
I'm a Twitterer too, my fellow convention mates talked me into joining, now i follw David Hewlett and his Sister and other SG peoples as well as all my mates, it's awesome, very good! It's a nice and simple way to keep in touch and you can use it anywhere, from your phone too, if you can set up your phone with Twitter of course! :P I use it from my phone, but my phone has the net :P
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By Smiley
How funny is it when they Twitter each other, the sibling banter is just hilarious, so funny... i did have Martin Gero on Twitter, but he Twitters too much i was getting annoyed! :P Though David has been on a bit of a Twitter rampage recently :P
Oh I love the Hewletts inter-twittering (I'm making up words as I go along here!)

David's escapades baby and dog-sitting are hysterical!!!

That's what you get when you leave David Hewlett alone with a blackberry :P

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