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By SG Merc
The official Stargate community at SG Command has labeled 2019 as “The Year Of The Gate”. MGM is going all out with convention appearances in Chicago at the Official Stargate Convention, in the UK at the unofficial Cal’mah, and at various other cons such as Wondercon. They are also making available new and exciting content through their website/app, including interviews, features, and other content. And, of course, they also received a treasure trove of behind the scenes material from Joseph Mallozzi which has never been seen before!

Personally I couldn’t be more excited at this commitment from MGM to revitalize the Stargate community. While all of us want to see a new show, this small step to rebuild the community is more important than most people realize.

The best example of this is a conversation I had with Darren Sumner (founder of Gateworld) at Gatecon last year. As we talked about our websites (him Gateworld and me SG1Props) in the comfy Stargate Lounge (thanks MGM) he admitted to me that he had largely stepped back from creating content during the preceding years. Naturally the Gateworld community had also followed suite. With nothing to talk about, fans largely left these great online communities in favor of mainstream social media sites. We agreed that Gateworld needed much more regular updates (which Darren has been rocking with!) and parted ways. I was left with a sense of hope that all us who have been involved in this community for the last 20 years were coming back home.

Community requires leadership and a common goal. MGM is kicking into high gear with leadership through their team at SG Command. They have a core staff, and have also assembled top community influencers (such as the people running popular Stargate websites) to create content and foster fan communities around the net.

Content is harder, but they are doing it. Through the above-mentioned interview series’, new BTS material, features, and original online programming MGM is giving fans something to talk about.

Where all of this ends will probably depend on what MGM sees from the community. If the community embraces this approach that SG Command is taking then it might just expedite the green-lighting of a new show. On the other hand, a poor reception could make MGM feel that there is no demand for Stargate.

So let’s show them that we care. Here, in this Year Of The Gate, let’s take the time to post in forums, comment on social media, join the SG Command website, and make some noise about Stargate! A few minutes of your time is all that you need to contribute.

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