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Ribbon Device LIVEApr. 14 2011

Happy New YearDec. 30 2010

Stargate New Year

Stargate AuctionSep. 24 2010

This weekend of the 25th-26th marks the live auction where PropWorx will sell off more of the props and costumes from Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. If you are bidding online be prepared to pay a premium of 20%. In case you aren't familiar with auction terminology, that is an extra 20% that you will pay in addition to the amount you bid. Also, if you are planning to participate, be aware that the minimum bid increments will be $50 on every item.

Happy HalloweenOct. 29 2010

SG-1 Goes Trick or Treating

Stargate AuctionSep. 24 2010

This weekend of the 25th-26th marks the live auction where PropWorx will sell off more of the props and costumes from Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. If you are bidding online be prepared to pay a premium of 20%. In case you aren't familiar with auction terminology, that is an extra 20% that you will pay in addition to the amount you bid. Also, if you are planning to participate, be aware that the minimum bid increments will be $50 on every item.

Amanda TappingAug. 7 2010

Amanda Tapping Holding the Ribbon Device

We recently had the pleasure of sending one of our Ribbon Device replicas to Vancouver to be auctioned off by Amanda Tapping for her charity: Sanctuary for Kids. Ms Tapping, along with Stargate producer Martin Wood, and writer Damian Kindler, had the opportunity to handle the prop before and during the auction. We are happy to report that they were all very impressed with not only it's accuracy, but also how much fun it is to play with.

Happy EasterApr. 4 2010

Happy Easter From ... and Stargate Bunny Samantha Carter!

Finished Ribbon DeviceJan 29 2010

After many months of work, here is a finished Goa'uld Ribbon Device (aka Hand Device). This was a long running project, but it has turned out to be well worth it in the end. I aimed to make this as screen accurate as possible, and it has turned out to be a faithful replica. Enjoy looking through the photos here.
Ribbon Device Prop

Ribbon Device CrystalJan 10 2010

The prototype Ribbon Device palm crystl is completed. It is made with ruby red tinted resin, and pressure cast to be bubble free. Enjoy some photos here while I work on making more Ribbon Device Gallery Ribbon Device Prop

2010 Stargate Con!Jan. 9 2010

There's a new UK convention coming from the Chevron folks. It is Chevron 7.4, the dates are January 29th - 31st of the great year 2010! If you are in the UK you won't want to miss out on the chance to meet some great actors, and show off your Stargate costume. #

Merry ChristmasDec. 13 2009

Merry Christmas From ... and Rodney McKay

Happy ThanksgivingNov. 25 2009

Happy Thanksgiving From ... and Colonel Sheppard

Happy HalloweenOct. 30 2009

Happy Halloween From

UK Stargate ConOct 18 2009

For our UK readers, check out Chevron 7.3 - an unofficial Stargate con that will be November 6th-8th. The organizers behind this convention are the same people behind big name cons in the UK such as Collectormania, so it's sure to be a great time. So if you're in the UK try to make it out to this con and meet some Stargate stars and fans! #

Hand Device UpdateSep 29 2009

I have made test castings of the Goa'uld Ribbon Device, and you can see photos here. Nothing was painted, and I still need to cast the other parts, but I am making good progress. Ribbon Device Prop

Also, our friends at The Prop Store of London have just started a major sale of original screen used props from Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis! They have a very impressive lineup of props that they will be selling, including several highly iconic props! Do not miss out on the chance to see these beautiful props before they go into the hands of private collectors.

We at SG1Props are proud to have served as an advisor and researcher to The Prop Store as they put together this massive sale effort. If you purchase one of their ourstanding Stargate props, let them know that you are from

Stargate Prop Sale

Hand Device UpdateJul8 18 2009

All sculpting on the Ribbon Device / Hand Device has been completed. I just finished up the center crystal, and that is being molded right now. The molds are all done for the arm band, and upper hand crystal plus holder Check out the new photos in the Ribbon Device gallery and remember that you can also rate the images. Comment on the forums Goa'uld Hand Device from Stargate SG-1

4th of JulyJuly 2 2009

Last night I placed an order from Smooth-On for resin, silicone, and some color pigments for the Ribbon Device. I hope to be posting images next week of the mold making process.
Stargate SG-1 Forth of July

Sculpt ProgressJune 26 2009

Here's an update on the Goa'uld ribbon device from Stargate SG-1. The arm band is now done, with the Jaffa lines being finished up. The center crystal is the final piece to finish up. Join in on the discussion on the forums Goa'uld Ribbon Device from Stargate SG-1

Prop DictionaryMay 26 2009

We now have a prop dictionary online for reference. Included are terms related to props, costumes, airsoft, and anything else that is related to the hobby of Stargate Props/Costumes! You can view the glossary, and offer suggestions here.

Dom DeLuiseMay 9 2009

One of our members, Colonel_Carter, wrote a touching post on the passing of comedian and Stargate guest star Dom DeLuise. Read the article on our forums.

Still SculptingMay 3 2009

The Ribbon Device sculpt is coming along very well. All pieces have now been sculpted, and all that remains to be done is for the center crystal to be finished, and for Jaffa lines to be scribed onto the arm band. Take a look at the new photos, and let me know what you think on the forums Sculpting the Goa'uld Ribbon Device from Stargate SG-1

Post your comments here on the forums

Ribbon DeviceApr. 16 2009

In the SG1Props newsletter sent to members on Sunday I gave a sneek peek at the latest SG1Props project. I am nearly done sculpting the Goa'uld Ribbon Device, and invite you to view some photos of the work in progress. More information will be coming in the future! Sculpting the Goa'uld Ribbon Device from Stargate SG-1

Post your comments here on the forums

Happy EasterApr. 8 2009

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis Easter

SG Universe PhotosMar. 21 2009

The SciFi Channel (aka SyFy) has released a trailer for the new Stargate television series: Stargate Universe. And you can find a link to the new trailer, plus photo stills on our forums here. Feel free to comment on the new uniforms.

Forums Back OnlineFeb. 22 2009

The forums are back up and running at a new location: Members are encouraged to report any problems they encounter with the new forum software.

Forum DowntimeFeb. 18 2009

I have had to temporarily disable the SG1Props forums in order to fix a security issue. I apologize for not being able to provide advance warning, but promise to get the forum back up and running as quickly as possible. Should be online again within a few days.

Valentine's DayFeb. 13 2009

Stargate Atlantis Valentine's Day

Airsoft M9 ReviewFeb. 8 2009

Check out this brand new review of the KWC Beretta M92FS airsoft gun. In addition to reviewing the features of the gun I tore the whole thing apart to see what makes it tick. The article includes 21 detailed photos, and can be read here

Farewell AtlantisDec. 31 2008

Stargate Atlantis Memorial

Functioning P90Jan. 3 2009

In this latest tutorial in the P90 series, you will learn how to use the SG1Props P90 upper receiver kit on a functional airsoft gun. You no longer need to settle for just having the look of your favorite Stargate gun, but can use it on the airsoft field as well! Check out the free tutorial here

Happy New YearDec. 31 2008

Happy New Year From

Merry Christmas!Dec. 13 2008

Seasons Greetings From

Prop IdentifiedSep. 15 2008

Hats off to our member SG1Niner on the forums for identifying that prop here as the key used to free SG-1 from prison in the season 6 episode Prophecy.

SG Costumes for $32!Sep. 9 2008

Legends Memorabilia is running a special where you can buy three non-hero Stargate costumes for $95. The only drawback is that they are randomly chosen, and you won't know what you are going to get. This is still a sweet deal though, as there are sure to be plenty of gems hidden in there! So get them while they last. Here is the link

Have you ordered? What did you get? Share your stories here!

Know This Prop?Sep. 9 2008

I'm looking for help identifying this mysterious Stargate prop key. It could be from either series or even the film (though the style looks more to the designs seen on the series'). More photos here. Post a message or email me if you have any ideas!

Screen Used Prop Stargate Key Screen Used Prop Stargate Key

SG1Props NewsletterSep. 1 2008

If you're interested in receiving site updates and information on new projects we're working on right in your inbox, then signup for the SG1Props newsletter. You will find a signup form right here on the homepage. We won't give your email to anybody else, and our emails will be monthly at the most (probably). But best of all you can unsubscribe at anytime. So check it out!

P90 Kits Now AvailableAug. 25 2008

The long awaited P90 upper receiver kits are once again available. This all new version of the kit contains numerous improvements over the previous one, including compatibility with Tokyo Marui airsoft guns!

Read more at the SG1Props P90 Project History page here, or discuss in the P90 Project Status thread on the forums

Image Library OnlineApr. 20 2008 is pleased to announce that the official SG1Props Image Library is now online. In the near future we will be building a library of prop and costume screen caps from every episode of SG-1 and Atlantis, along with some other cool things. Also, members are able to use this space to upload photos of their own costume and prop collections.

Post your comments here

Affiliates WelcomedMar. 31 2008

SG1Props is pleased to announce a new affiliates page with links to other awesome SG websites. Our first affiliate is the outstanding team over at "Stargate The Enemy Within". So be sure to have a look at the very cool work they've been doing.

New MP5 TutorialMar. 23 2008

A new tutorial has been posted over in MP5 HQ on how to modify an AR15 scope to fit onto an MP5. This is the type of scope they use on the show, and really makes the look complete. Take a look here.

New P90 TutorialMar. 16 2008

There's a brand new tutorial in the P90 section with instructions on how to modify an inexpensive airsoft P90 to use the more realistic Tokyo Marui magazines for prop/costume use. Check it out here, and then discuss it on the site forums.

Dec. 5 2007

For the Stargate costumers out there I've found what I believe to be the BDU trousers that are used on the show. Check out my post about them here. You can join in on the discussion by signing up for your free account at the official SG1Props forums.

Nov. 23 2007

A new tutorial has been posted on how to add trademarks to your prop P90. This is one in a series of free tutorials on how to build your own P90 using an LPEG airsoft and the SG1Props P90 kit. Read all about it here.

Nov. 22 2007

The latest tutorial on the SG1Props P90 kit is online. This takes you step by step through the process of installing the finished kit onto an airsoft P90 body that's been modified. Check that out here.

Also, for those interested in the backpacks that SG1 uses, there's a great sale on Blackhawk Industries pouches going on that you won't want to miss out on. You can read up on that over at the forums.

October 16 2007

A lot of work has gone into the technical parts of the site, and you may notice that some things have got a new look. You can now see the latest posts from the message board as well as the newest article right here on the homepage. Pretty cool for those of you who don't want to visit every page to look for new stuff.

P90 kits are ready! As of right now there are several finished kits ready to ship. Please look at the P90 page here for more information about that.

April 20 2007

The new section of the site is now online. The SG1 Props Official Forum has been set up to provide prop builders with a way of discussing Stargate props, and getting direct help with the tutorials on this site (of which there will be some I promise!). Feel free to register on the forums to say hi.

April 11 2007

Over the weekend I put together an entire new section of the site that will be an invaluable resource when building props. Expect to see it listed here in a week or two when I have the final tweaks done. Also, I have been hard at work writing some exciting new articles on Stargate SG-1 props, and will be publishing them online when I get the photos ready. Stay tuned!

April 2007

In an effort to start bringing in visitors, SG1 Props has been submitted to the Celebrity Exchange. The exchange features links to over 3,000 celebrity and entertainment sites--making it a huge resource for fans. There are only a few Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis links there, so SG1 Props is proud to be listed.

April 2007

Happy April Fools Day! All joking aside, the site is slowly becoming operational. With this update I'm adding some tweaks to the formatting of the site, and I'm also uploading a freshly coded site map. You can get to the site map here, and you'll find links to every page that's currently online.

March 2007

After nearly a year of planning and content development, goes live. There is a lot of exciting content in the works, and with the site now online expect to see it soon!